University of Iowa ARRA Grant Awards

Omar Ahmad CCAD Merit Review Services
Michael Apicella Microbiology H. influenzae: Role of Sialic Acid in Virulence
Nikolai Artemyev Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Regulation of Retinal cGMP Phosphodiesterases
Christopher Benson Internal Medicine Acid-Sensing Ion Channels in Cardiac Ischemia
Gail Bishop Microbiology Improving Vaccine Immunogenicity by Exploiting Pre-Existing Humoral Responses
Gail Bishop Microbiology ARRA: Regulation of Lymphocyte Receptor Signaling by TRAF Interactions
Linda Bissell Administration Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students
Ned Bowden Chemistry Site-Isolation of Catalysts within 'Smart' Thimbles for Cascade Reactions and Recycling
Tim Brennan Anesthesia Complement System Modulation of Nociception and Inflammation After Incision
Charles Brenner Biochemistry Mechanism of Dnmt1 Up-Regulation by Fhit Loss
John Brooks Pharmacy Practice and Science Interpreting IV Estimates with Treatment Effect Heterogeneity: ACE/ARBS & Race
John Brooks Pharmacy Practice and Science Should High-Risk Statin Utilization Rates be Increased for Complex AMI Patients?
Patrick Brophy Pediatrics Pax2 Gene Targets, Binding Sites and Function
Patrick Brophy Pediatrics Genetic Variations and Development of Vesicoureteral Reflux and Sequelae
Carolyn Brown Speech Pathology & Audiology Optimizing the Combination of Electric and Acoustic Hearing
Thomas Brown Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Wear Analysis of Intervertebral Total Disc Replacements
Chadi Calarge Psychiatry Long-Term Safety and Genetic Risk Factors of Risperdone Treatment in Youth
Kevin Campbell Physiology High-throughput genetic & small-molecule screening for therapeutic modifiers
Kevin Campbell Physiology Epsilon-sarcoglycan in LGMD Type 2D
Daniel Caplan Preventive & Community Dentistry Equipment to Enhance Oral Health Care of Wheelchair-Bound and Homebound Patients
Ryan Carnahan Epidemiology IA-Adapt: Improving Antipsychotic Appropriateness in Dementia Patients
Pablo Carrica IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering Experiments and Modeling of Bubbly Surface Jets
Kathryn Chaloner Biostatistics Statistics in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases & Bioinformatics
Amit Choudhury Anatomy & Cell Biology Role of Syntaxin 6 Regulated Post-Golgi Trafficking in Angiogenesis
Elizabeth Chrischilles Epidemiology Enhanced Data to Accelerate Complex Patient Comparative Effectiveness Research
Elizabeth Chrischilles Epidemiology University of Iowa Consumer Survey
Elizabeth Christiansen Facilities Services Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Array
William Radue Clarke Biostatistics Clinical Islet Transplantation: Data Coordinating Center
Steven Clegg Microbiology Molecular Pathogenesis of Klebsiella pneumoniae
Steven Clegg Microbiology Fimbrial Expression in Salmonella: Regulation and Coordination
Josep Comeron Biology Fine-scale recombination rate variation within and between Drosophilia species
Thomas Cook Occupational & Environmental Health International Training and Research in Environmental and Occupational Health
Robert Cornell Anatomy and Cell Biology ARRA: Pathways governing survival of neural crest derivatives
Peter Cram Internal Medicine Cardiac Care in Specialty and General Hospitals
Peter Damiano Public Policy Center First preventive dental visit: Disparities in needs, costs + behavioral insights
Peter Damiano Public Policy Center Iowa e-Health Baseline Health Information Technology (health IT) Assessments
Beverly Davidson Internal Medicine RNA interference therapy for Huntington’s disease: studies in non-human primates
Beverly Davidson Internal Medicine Translating CNS therapies for the NCLs from rodent models to humans
Beverly Davidson Internal Medicine Peripherally Administered Gene Therapy for Alzheimer's
Beverly Davidson Internal Medicine ARRA: Pathogenic Impact of SUMO Modification in HD
Beverly Davidson Internal Medicine Peripherally Administered Gene Therapy for Alzheimers
Leslie K. Dennis Epidemiology Sun Exposure and Melanoma in Agricultural Workers
Kevin Doerschug Internal Medicine Mechanisms and Meanings of Impaired Microvascular Responses in Human Sepsis
Maureen Donovan Pharmaceutics Bypassing the Blood Brain Barrier: Modulation of Transporters in the Nasal Mucosa
Adrian Elcock Biochemistry Molecular Simulations of Folding & Association in Physiological Environments
John Engelhardt Anatomy & Cell Biology Center for Gene Therapy of Cystic Fibrosis and Other Genetic Diseases
John Engelhardt Anatomy & Cell Biology Pathological Evaluation of a Cystic Fibrosis Ferret Model
Sarah England Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Regulation of Uterine Smooth Muscle Excitability
Polly Ferguson Pediatrics CARRA Registry
Jose Fernandez Capital Management ARRA: Air Handling Unit Energy Efficiencies Upgrade
Rory Fisher Pharmacology Molecular Analysis and Role of RGS6 as a Novel Growth Suppressor
Bernd Fritsch Biological Sciences Dissecting the Ear Neurosensory Development
Bernd Fritsch Biological Sciences Role of miRNAs in Mammalian Ear Development and Neurosensory Function
Gerry Funk Otolaryngology Long-term outcomes of head and neck cancer patients
Fredric Gerr Occupational & Environmental Health Neurological Outcomes Among Pesticide Applicators
Pamela Geyer Biochemistry Regulation of Tissue-Specific Gene Expression
Apollina Goel Radiation Research Laboratory Chemoradiotherapy for Multiple Myeloma
Thomas Griffith Urology Apoptotic Cells Induce Tolerance through TRAIL-expressing CD8+ Regulatory T Cells
Charles Grose Pediatrics Varicella – Zoster Virus Tegument Proteins in Pathogenesis
C Guymon Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Reaction Directed Polymer Nanostructures through Self-Assembly and Photopolymerization
Johannes Hell Pharmacology Predoctoral Training in the Pharmacological Sciences
Michael Henry Physiology Effects of pesticides on prostate cancer progression in PTEN mutant mice
Eric Hoffman Radiology ARRA: MESA-ASAP
Alexander Horswill Microbiology The Role of Sigma Factor B in Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm Development
James Howe Surgery Regulation of SMAD4 and BMPR1A Expression in Juvenile Polyposis
Jian Huang Statistics and Actuarial Sciences ARRA: Effective Clustering Penalized Methods for Genomic Biomarker Selection
Gary Hunninghake Internal Medicine University of Iowa Clinical and Translational Science Program
Gary Hunninghake Internal Medicine University of Iowa Clinical and Translational Science Program
Lawrence Hunsicker Internal Medicine Long Term Deterioration of Kidney Allograft Function
Stephen Hunter Obstetrics & Gynecology Development of a Univalent Vaccine Against Group B Streptococci Infection
Craig Just IIHR Hydroscience Engineering Connecting Higher Education to Iowa's Green Economy
Randy Kardon Ophthalmology ARRA: Neuro-Ophthalmology Research Disease Investigator Consortium (NORDIC) Network
Julie Kearney Evaluation and Assessment Center Teacher Quality Partnership
Sarah Klemuk Speech Pathology Bioreactors for Tissues Exposed to High Frequency Vibration
Grazyna Kochanska Psychology Developmental Pathways to Antisocial Behavior: A Translational Research Program
Richard Koontz Iowa NonProfit Resource Center The Strengthening Iowa Communities through Collaborations and Partnerships
Karl Kreder Urology Multi-disciplinary Approach to the Study of Chronic Pelvic Pain (MAPP)
Karl Kreder Urology ARRA: Alternative Therapies for Benign Prostate Symptoms (CAMUS)
Ryan Lalumiere Psychology Infralimbic Regulation of Memory Consolidation of Extinction of Cocaine-Seeking
Cornelia Lang Physics & Astronomy The Impact of Massive Stars and Clusters on the Interstellar Medium in the Galactic Center
Mary Larew Pediatrics First Five Children's Healthy Mental Development Medical Consultant
Gloria Lee Internal Medicine Tau in Cancer Cells
Kevin Legge Pathology Chronic Alcohol and Pulmonary Immunity
Hans-Joachim Lehmler Occupational & Environmental Health ARRA: Enantioselective Metabolism Influences PCB Developmental Neurotoxicity
Ken Leo Rehabilitation Therapies Circle of Courage School at UIHC
Ken Leo Rehabilitation Therapies ARRA: IDEA Part B: Circle of Courage School at UIHC
Barcey Levy Family Medicine Comparative effectiveness of FIT vs. colonoscopy for colon cancer screening
Barcey Levy Family Medicine Enhancing Community-Based Cancer Control in Iowa
Dong Li Mathematics Selected Problems in Applied Mathematics
Scott Lindgren Pediatrics Behavioral Treatment for Autism in Community Settings Using a Telehealth Network
Brian Link Internal Medicine Molecular Epidemiology of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Survival
John Logsdon Biological Sciences Meiotic Genes in Sexual and Asexual Rotifers
Dwight Look Internal Medicine Induction of COPD Exacerbation by Haemophilus influenzae
Vincent Magnotta Radiology University of Iowa -- Whole Body 7T MRI Scanner
Vincent Magnotta Radiology Refactoring the ITK FEM Framework
George Malanson Geography Implications of an Invasive Forest Pathogen for Alpine Treeline Dynamics
Rama Mallampalli Internal Medicine TNF-alpha Control of a Surfactant Enzyme in Acute Lung Injury (Lagneaux)
Usha Mallik Physics & Astronomy High Energy Physics at the University of Iowa
James Martin Orthopaedic Surgery Biomarkers of the risk for post-traumatic osteoarthritis
Zuhair Mased Facilities Management University of Iowa - Building Energy Smart Program Set-Aside for Improving Energy Efficiency in the Regent's Institutions
Zuhair Mased Facilities Management Going Further: Occupancy Sensor Upgrade
Wendy Maury Microbiology Selection of RNA Aptamers against Ebola Virus GP2
Brian McClatchey Parking & Transportation FTA Section 5307
Karla McGregor Speech Pathology The Role of Consolidation and Sleep in Children's Word Learning
Robert McMurray Psychology Lexical Integration of Continuous Acoustic Detail: Normal and Impaired Listeners
Robert Merlino Physics & Astronomy MRI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Imaging Plasma Waves and Particles
Robert Merlino Physics & Astronomy Basic Laboratory Studies of Dusty Plasmas and Velocity Shear-Driven EIC Waves Vacuum Hardware and Video Imaging Equipment Upgrades
William Mielnik Capital Management State Energy Program Formula Grants
Francis Miller Internal Medicine Glutathione Peroxidase & Redox State in Atherosclerosis
Karla Miller Student Services Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Victims of Crime Act
Karla Miller Student Services Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Violence Against Women Act
Peter Mohler Internal Medicine Dysfunction in Ankyrin-based Pathways and Human Arrhythmia
Scott Moye-Rowley Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Genetic analysis of pleiotropic drug resistance
Scott Moye-Rowley Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Regulation of Eukaryotic Membrane Structure and Function
Robert Mutel Physics & Astronomy High Sensitivity Array Studies of Stellar Radio Coronae
Peter Nagy Pathology Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases Caused by Mutations in Senataxin
Jeffery Neighbors Chemistry Pawhuskins: Potential Treatments for Stimulant Abuse
Sue O'Dorisio Pediatrics Dosimetry Guided Phase II of 90Y-DOTA-tyr3-Octreotide + Retinoic Acid in Kids
Michael O'Hara Psychology The Iowa Flood Study: Perinatal Effects of a Natural Disaster
Daniel O'Leary Psychiatry ARRA: First BIRN Revision: Analysis and Interoperability of Multi-Site Data
Edith Parker Community and Behavioral Health Risk Communication for Environmental Exposure
Jane Paulsen Psychiatry Neurobiological Predictors of Huntington’s Disease (Supplement 1)
Jane Paulsen Psychiatry Neurobiological Predictors of Huntington’s Disease (Supplement 2)
Jane Paulsen Psychiatry Neurobiological Predictors of Huntington’s Disease (Supplement 3)
Corinne Peek-Asa Occupational & Environmental Health ICTIRT
Michael Pentella Epidemiology FY11 APHL CDC Measles EIA Kits
Stanley Perlman Microbiology A Novel Stretegy for Developing a SARS-CoV Vaccine
Robert Philibert Psychiatry Stress and Drug Use Vulnerability in Rural African Americans
Robert Philibert Psychiatry Gene Expression Biomarkers in Schizophrenia
Norbert Pienta Chemistry ARRA: Mathematics and Science Teachers for Iowa
Robert Piper Molecular Physiology Ubiquitin-Dependent Sorting in Endosomes and the TGN
Philip M. Polgreen Internal Medicine Social Networks and the Spread of Influenza and other Nosocomial Infections
David Price Biochemistry ARRA: Factors Involved in Transcription by RNA Polymerase II
Madhavan Raghavan Biomedical Engineering Assessment of Intracranial Aneurysm Shape as an Indicator of Rupture Risk
Barbara Rakel Nursing Effectiveness of TENS on Hyperalgesia, Pain with Movement, and Function after TKR
Brad Richardson Social Work ARRA: Iowa Rural Strengthening Communities Fund Grant Project
Sandra Richter Pathology Epidemiology of Community-Associated, ESBL-Producing Escherichia Coli
Joel Ringdahl Psychology The Effect of Various Reinforcement Schedules on the Persistence of Compliance
Robert Roghair Pediatrics Pathways of Fetal Programming of Coronary Dysfunction
Gary Rosenthal Internal Medicine University of Iowa Clinical and Translational Science Program
Gary Rosenthal Internal Medicine University of Iowa Clinical and Translational Science Program
Paul Rothman Internal Medicine Role of SOCS-1 in Regulation of IgE
Peter A Rubenstein Biochemistry Biochemical Consequences of Deafness-causing Actin Mutations
Andrew Russo Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Development of a Mouse Trigeminal Pain Model
Andrew Russo Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Neuronal control of CGRP gene expression
Isaac Samuel Surgery Gallstone Pancreatitis: Pathogenesis and Treatment
Nathan Schmidt Microbiology Defining Optimal Adaptive Immunity for Resistance to Plasmodium Sporozoites
Lisa Segre Nursing Supportive Listening with Depressed Low-Income Mothers
Segre, Alberto and Polgreen, Philip Computer Science & Internal Medicine Contact Network Epidemiology of Influenza and Other Nosocomial Infections
David Sheff Pharmacology Functional Subdomain Organization of the Recycling Endosome
Val Sheffield Pediatrics Interdisciplinary Approach to Retinal Disease Gene Identification
Minati Singh Psychology RNA Editing in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Behavioral Despair and Anxiety
Frederick Skiff Physics & Astronomy Hardware Improvement for the Experiment: Correlations and Fluctuations in Weakly-Collisional Plasma
Kathleen Sluka Physical Therapy Role of ASIC3 in the Etiology of Fibromyalgia
Long-Sheng Song Internal Medicine T-tubule Remodeling and Ca2+-Dependent Arrhythmogenesis in Cardiomyopathies
Amy Sparks OBGYN Prenatal Chemical Exposures and their Associations with Sexually Dimorphic Development and Disease
Jack Stapleton Internal Medicine GBV-C Effects on CD4 Activation and Expansion
Jack Stapleton Internal Medicine Chicago D-CFAR
David Stoltz Internal Medicine Paraoxonase-2 S311C Polymorphism Alters Glycosylation and Lactonase Activity
Stefan Strack Pharmacology Regulation of Mitochondrial Fission/Fusion by PP2A and PKA in Neurons
Aaron Stump Computer Science SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Flexible, Efficient and Trustworthy Proof Checking for Satisfiability Modulo Theories
Pamela Terrill Internal Medicine JCSART Request for Stimulus Funds
Pamela Terrill Internal Medicine ARRA: Sexual Assault Exam Protocol
Peter Thorne Occupational & Environmental Health Gallium, a Potential New Therapeutic for CF Airway Infections
James Tomblin Speech Pathology & Audiology Moderators and Outcomes in Children with Mild to Severe Hearing Impairment
James Tomblin Speech Pathology & Audiology The Genetics of Specific Language Impairment
James Torner Epidemiology Predictors of Long-Term Outcome of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms
Daniel Tranel Neurology Drug Abuse, Social Decision-Making, and Sex-Related Functional Brain Asymmetry
Aliye Uc Pediatrics Characterization of Pancreatic Disease in a Novel Porcine Cystic Fibrosis Model
Robert Upmeyer Student Financial Aid Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students in Allopathic Medicine
Robert Upmeyer Student Financial Aid Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students
Yuriy Usachev Pharmacology Mitochondrial Calcium Cycling in Neuronal Function
Daniel Vaena Internal Medicine CALGB/NIH/NCI American Recovery and Reinvestment ACT of 2009 (ARRA ACTNOW Program)
Steven Varga Microbiology Immunopathology Mediated by RSV-Specific CD4 T Cells
Steven Varga Microbiology Role of TLR4 in Coronavirus Infection
Debra Waldron Pediatrics Lead Agency for IDEA-Part C
Debra Waldron Pediatrics IDEA Part C ARRA Funds 2009-2011
Debra Waldron Pediatrics MCH Preventative Services
Debra Waldron Pediatrics ARRA: IDEA Part C ARRA Funds 2009-2011
Debra Waldron Pediatrics ARRA IDEA Part C Funds
Debra Waldron Pediatrics ARRA: IDEA Part C ARRA Funds 2009-2011
Debra Waldron Pediatrics ARRA: IDEA Part C ARRA Funds 2009-2011
Debra Waldron Pediatrics ARRA: IDEA Part C ARRA Funds 2009-2011
Debra Waldron Pediatrics ARRA: IDEA Part C ARRA Funds 2009-2011
Debra Waldron Pediatrics ARRA: IDEA Part C ARRA Funds 2009-2011
Debra Waldron Pediatrics ARRA: Lead Agency for IDEA-Part C
Debra Waldron Pediatrics IDEA Part C ARRA Funds 2009-2010
Debra Waldron Pediatrics IDEA Part C Funds, Heartland AEA
Thomas Waldschmidt Pathology Chronic Ethanol, B Cell Competence and Lymphoid Integrity
Robert Wallace Epidemiology Expanding a National Resource for Genetic Research in Behavioral and Health Sciences
Lori Wallrath Biochemistry Histone Modifications and Higher-Order Chromatin Structure
Todd Washington Biochemistry Mechanisms of Damaged DNA Replication in Eukaryotes
Edward A Wasserman Psychology Perceptual Bases of Visual Concepts
Thomas Wassink Psychiatry Genetic Determinants of Brain Structure and Disease Risk in Schizophrenia
Larry Weber Civil and Environmental Engineering Modeling of Fish Behavior and Water Quality Conditions in the Lake Washington Ship Canal
James Wefel Dows Institute for Dental Research Dentin Fluoride as a Biomarker for Childhood Fluoride Intake
George Weiner Cancer Center Monoclonal Antibody-Induced NK Cell Activation and Complement
George Weiner Cancer Center Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG)
George Weiner Cancer Center Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG)
George Weiner Cancer Center Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG)
David Weiss Microbiology Discovery and characterization of new bacterial cell division genes
Robert Weiss Internal Medicine Research Ultrasound Imaging Upgrades
Peter Weyer Center for Health Effects of Enviromental Contamination Nitrates, Nitrites, and Nitrosatable Drugs and Risk of Selected Birth Defects
Janet Williams Nursing Managing Incidental Findings in the Genomic Era
Mary Edythe Wilson Internal Medicine A Role for microRNAs in Global Changes in Gene Expression Induced by Leishmania
Fredric Wolinsky Health Management & Policy RCT of Two Speed of Processing Modes to Prevent Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
Jingzhen Yang Community & Behavioral Health Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention
Charles Yeaman Anatomy & Cell Biology Role of Cell Adhesion in Organizing Membrane Growth
Charles Yeaman Anatomy & Cell Biology Molecular Mechanism of Renal Deciliation and Cystogenesis
Mark Young Chemistry MRI: Development of a Single Particle Mass Spectrometer for Field and Laboratory Studies of the Environmental Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols and Engineered Nanoparticles
Joseph Zabner Internal Medicine Request for Funds to Purchase a Replacement Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope